bottle of sparkling cider on a stump by a bridge surrounded by trees and leaves
Round "hobbit" door at Wyile's Cider House
Mason jar of Wyile Cider Black Currant cider with trees of the Smokey Mountains in the background
Jug of Wyile Cider "Spice of Life" Cider with forest background

Welcome to Wyile Cider

Home of small-batch
Handcrafted hard apple ciders
Made from the best Appalachian Mountain apples


Jars of Wyile Bloodhound Orange hard apple cider on a shelf.

Still Ciders

Wyile still ciders are delicious hot or cold! Add a few cubes of ice for a refreshing beverage, or warm up for a festive drink. Available in 13 specially designed flavors such as: Elderberry, Pear, Peach, Black Currant, and more…

Sparkling Ciders

Wyile sparkling ciders are perfect for those who prefer a little fizz in their beverages. Available in Blueberry, Sweet, and Dry.

apples stacked with open apple slice and bottle of apple cider with 2 glasses

Soft Ciders

Wyile soft ciders (non-alcoholic) are perfect for kids and those who prefer a non-spiked version.

Best Sellers

Elderberry Hard Cider

Elderberry infused cider known for it’s health benefits, has a pleasant and distinctive flavor that is both sweet and tart at the same time. 

Mason jar of blackberry hard cider from Wyile Cider

Blackberry Hard Cider

Full-bodied cider infused with natural blackberry flavoring gives this apple wine a hearty bust of flavor and a robust mouthfeel. 

mason jar of strawberry cider from Wyile Cider

Strawberry Hard Cider

Delightful strawberry flavored cider that has the taste and aroma of springtime when strawberries are the most fresh.

rainbow colored rooster feather from Wyile Cider

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red apples hanging on trees and being harvested in barrels on the ground

Our Mission

Dedication to Quality and Taste

We are on a mission to provide a social beverage that not only tastes great, but includes only the highest quality ingredients.

We realized during many hours of social gatherings solving the world’s problems over adult beverages that there was a definite void in suitable social beverages.

red apples with some green on them in a wooden bucket

Our Philosophy

We believe that a good work ethic, quality products, and fair prices will produce financial success in a capitalistic society. 

The Appalachian Wyile folklore is a metaphor for the beautiful and rich cultured people of rural Appalachia.

The Wyile Cider Company supports the Appalachian people by contributing 3% of our profits to help them find economic stability as our nation transitions away from fossil fuels. 

Wyile Cider Legend

papaw in a gold frame


Meet the ancient race of little people called Appalachian Wyiles. They shared their secret apple cider recipes, handed down from the original Irish leprechauns of the 1600s…
Mamaw in a gold frame


Health Benefits of Hard Apple Cider

Now, we’ve all heard the reasons why alcohol is bad for you, but what about the benefits?  Here is a list of nine ways that drinking apple cider in moderation can benefit your health.

Health Benefits