Pear Hard Cider

mason jar of pear hard cider from Wyile Cider


Scrumpy’s Pear with a Flair

Scrumpy’s Pear Cider is perfectly balanced and proudly produced by Wyile Cider in Sevierville, Tennessee. This is a semi-sweet pear flavored apple cider. It has a subtle bite from the malic acid in the apples and a calming sweet pear flavor on the back-end. Many people who like parries, (ciders made from pears), prefer this as it has more pear flavor.

This is a very refreshing cider that is great poured over ice on a warm summer afternoon with friends. If you like pears and ciders then you will love Pear with a Flair apple cider. This cider goes well with either Edam or Gouda cheese, Ritz crackers and sweet grapes.  This cider is not carbonated.


  • Pure Appalachian apples

  • Natural pear flavor from juice or extract

  • Trace amounts of sulfides to preserve the freshness

  • This product contains no artificial flavors or colors

  • Gluten Free

  • 6.9% ABV

  • 750 ml (25.5 oz.)

Wyile Folklore

drawing of "Scrumpy" Wyile wearing overalls, red flannel, and ball cap while holding a pear


This is the favorite cider of Scrumpy, who is the younger brother of the beautiful Keeva. Scrumpy is 21 years old going on 14. While Keeva is smart and sweet, Scrumpy is not so bright and full of mischief. Scrumpy is known to sneak into orchards and steal a few apples and pears to make his favorite flavored cider. While Scrumpy is a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky type of guy, he does take his cider very seriously. His pear cider has a bit of a kick and is known around these parts as Scrumpy’s Pear with a Flair. Scrumpy’s other favorite cider is his spiced cider that is to die for.