Sparkling Dry Hard Cider

bottle of sparkling dry hard cider from Wyile Cider


O’Klee – Mature, with a serious nature

All the way from the 18th century hills of Ireland, you’re now holding the perfect blend of rich, tart properties that deliver a smooth, austere finish without sacrificing high-quality, all-natural ingredients. This cider recipe has been passed down and fine-tuned for generations, first by the leprechauns of Ireland, then by their Wyile ancestors that live on Foxfire Mountain today. All of the best things take time. Centuries later, the best cider has arrived.

O’Klee Dry Cider can be enjoyed with a meal or with friends and may even help you develop a dry sense of humor on your own. Cheers. This cider was a Silver Metal winner at the University of Tennessee “Wines of the South” judged wine tasting contest in 2017.


  • Pure Appalachian apples

  • Trace amounts of sulfides to preserve the freshness

  • This product contains no artificial flavors or colors

  • Gluten Free

  • 6.9% ABV

  • 750 ml (25.5 oz.)

Wyile Folklore

drawing of O'Klee, of the Foxfire Mountain Wyile's, with a rooster feather in his hat and smoking a pipe


As patriarch of the Appalachian Wyile Clan, who live on Foxfire Mountain, O’Klee is known for his wisdom, integrity, and dry sense of humor. Out of respect of their chieftain, the Wyiles have created a cider to match his humor. The Wyiles have spent centuries perfecting this dry cider, with a complex character and crisp properties, culminating with an austere finish.

O’Klee is also known for his cranberry cider, mango cider and ginger cider.