Strawberry Hard Cider

mason jar of strawberry cider from Wyile Cider


Keeva’s Strawberry Delight

This delightful strawberry flavored cider is perfect for a porch or patio gathering of friends relaxing on a spring afternoon. This is an astonishing delightful drink that has the taste and aroma of the newness of nature in the springtime when strawberries are the freshest.

Pour this light pink colored cider over a tall glass of ice and enjoy with some real strawberries and some melted chocolate or Nutella for dipping. This is also a nice cider to have with grilled cheese or barbecue sandwiches.  At 6.9% ABV, this cider is not carbonated.


  • Pure Appalachian apples

  • Natural strawberry concentrate

  • Trace amounts of sulfides to preserve the freshness

  • This product contains no artificial flavors or colors

  • Gluten Free

  • 6.9% ABV

  • 750 ml (25.5 oz.)

Wyile Folklore

drawing of Keeva with a purple, pink and yellow hood holding a strawberry


Keeva is a beautiful and refreshingly spirited young lady and a perfect match for the beautiful and refreshingly spirited strawberry cider. Keeva is the older sister of Scrumpy who often plays pranks on his big sister, but she loves him despite his prankish ways. She often comments on his pear cider, which makes him puff up in pride to get a compliment from his big sister.

Keeva’s best days are spent barefoot in the berry patch dancing with butterflies, and occasionally testing berries for ripeness perfection.